What Makes the Ideal Implant Different? 3 Reasons to Choose this Sophisticated Implant

Published on Jun 22, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

When it comes to choosing the type of breast implants for your augmentation, silicone vs saline is the usual debate. Both have very important benefits and drawbacks that must be considered, but what if you didn’t have to compromise? The IDEAL implant offers three unique benefits that aren’t found together in any other implant type! Find out what sets this implant apart.

Safe Material

IDEAL implants are filled entirely of saline material, a sterile solution that is safe for the body to absorb. With this comes the peace of mind of knowing that if a rupture were to occur, your health would not be in danger! This also eliminates the need for MRI scans, one inconvenient part of choosing silicone implants, because there is no chance for a silent rupture. The use of saline material at Connecticut Plastic Surgery Group also allows for smaller incisions during the placement process, minimizing scarring.

Strong Structure

The most unique aspect of the IDEAL implant is its structure. While other implant types use a single shell to hold their material, the IDEAL implant uses multiple layers or chambers to provide strength. Traditional saline implants essentially act like water balloons, but the IDEAL implant’s added structure provides more natural movement, similar to silicone.

Lasting Results

With the IDEAL implant, you can enjoy the results of your breast augmentation longer! No implants are guaranteed to last a lifetime, with complications such as visual rippling, rotating, capsular contracture, and ruptures all requiring a replacement. However, these complications are reduced when you choose the IDEAL implant!

To learn more about the IDEAL implant and how you can benefit, contact Connecticut Plastic Surgery Group today. Dr. Vasquez offers the IDEAL implant to his patients in the Southport area and can help you decide if it’s right for you.

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