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Testimonials from Dr. Vasquez’s patients

My Journey at Connecticut Plastic Surgery

I have struggled with acne my entire life. I have been on numerous different medications and topical lotions, but none of them have seemed to be the solution for me. When I learned about the Aesthetic Center at Dr. Vasquez’s office, I was hesitant at first. I was planning on starting Accutane, which is a very strong and aggressive oral medication, guaranteed to clear my skin. This was a last resort for me, so I decided to give the skincare options at Dr. Vasquez’s office a try, and I am so happy I did!

My first treatment was an extraction and cleansing facial. The staff at Connecticut Plastic Surgery is so warm and welcoming, and they make you feel at home right when you step foot inside. They are all very easy to talk to, and were more than willing to answer all of my questions.

I was expecting the extraction to be extremely painful, but I was wrong. Suzanne is very gentle and was talking me through the whole process. She let me know what she was doing the whole time and what different products she was putting on my face. She cleansed my face, and then took some time extracting some of my acne. The discomfort for a few minutes was well worth the results. After some steaming, cleaning, and wearing a cleansing mask, my skin was glowing, rejuvenated, and never felt so clean! I definitely wanted to keep coming back so the treatments would continue to have a lasting impact on my skin.

My next treatment was the Laser Genesis. This may be familiar to you for reducing wrinkles or aging skin. However, Laser Genesis can also be used to reduce redness and scarring that can be caused by acne. I was nervous about this treatment, and the staff could see that. The staff was to kind enough to let me watch the procedure prior to my appointment to make me feel more at ease. Betsy did my Laser Genesis treatment. She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The device is hot, but it does not touch your face. Betsy described the feeling like “hot raindrops” touching my face, and that is exactly what it feels like. It was a very tolerable, noninvasive treatment. I plan on returning frequently, as I have already seen my scarring and redness reduce significantly.

My final treatment was microdermabrasion. I have never had this treatment before, but had high hopes for my skin. Suzanne did this treatment, and she made me feel very at ease. There is no pain in this treatment. Microderm exfoliates your skin, removing the uppermost layer of dead skin cells from the face. It feels like there is a tube squeezing your face for a second, and another tube releasing crystals. This is another treatment that can be used for anti-aging, but also decreases the appearance of scarring and the size of your pores. It may take a few sessions to get the exact results you are looking for.

The other benefit to the whole process is the homecare system that Dr. Vasquez made available to me. The MyBody acne treatment is a 3-step system that I apply to my face twice a day. When I am in between treatments, this is a great way to keep my skin in check. Suzanne, Betsy, Lisa and Dr. Vasquez explained each step of the system to me, making everything very easy to understand.

The staff at Connecticut Plastic Surgery Group was excellent in educating, treating and caring for me during this whole process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone my age struggling with acne, and looking for a healthy way to clear your skin without all of the medication. Thank you CT PSG for making my skin clear, healthy and glowing!

– Carly, Age 21

The first time I considered breast augmentation I was still in high school. It was usually just a passing thought or something I would say jokingly. To me, only rich or famous women enjoyed the luxury of affording plastic surgery. After graduating college and starting a full-time job, the idea of breast augmentation seemed more realistic than before. I wanted to look into surgery further but, I had no idea how to go about researching doctors, procedures, costs, etc. Luckily, a close friend referred me to Dr. Vasquez, at Connecticut Plastic Surgery Group.

I walked in to the office for my free consultation, with my mother, and was welcomed by Lisa, the practice manager. She was friendly and inviting, offered refreshments, and answered some questions I had before meeting with Dr. Vasquez. During the consultation Dr. Vasquez introduced himself, told us about his practice, and asked what I was looking for and why. He thoroughly discussed the different types of implants, procedures, potential risks, and any frequently asked questions. He then answered every question my mother and I had. I could tell that Dr. Vasquez was passionate about what he does and genuinely cares about his patients. Before I left the office Lisa gave me an estimate on how much the procedure would cost and it was more affordable than I was expecting. My mother was skeptical about plastic surgery before the visit, but after meeting with Dr. Vasquez and getting the estimate, she said I was crazy not to do it!

During my pre-op appointment, Dr. Vasquez helped determine which size was right for what I was looking for and that would fit my body. He was able to show me a virtual picture of what I would look like with the implants. He went into detail about the surgical procedure and healing time. He then discussed in-depth how the day of surgery would go starting with checking in to the hospital, paperwork, anesthesia, and outpatient care.

Dr. Vasquez made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I was not nervous for surgery. I was actually extremely excited. There were no surprises with surgery or post-op care because Dr. Vasquez discussed it all during our pre-op appointment. He was there for me every step of the way and was always available to answer questions. The whole process from the consultation to the surgery and recovery was easy. He understood what I wanted from surgery, helped pick the right size for my body, and I could not be happier. I am in love with the results, they are exactly what I was looking for and I cannot imagine life without them. It was the best decision of my life and it would not have been possible without Dr. Vasquez and his wonderful staff!

– Former Patient

Feb 17, 2017 – Verified Patient Had a microdermabrasion today, the staff was helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly! Would definitely recommend! Skin post treatment felt significantly better!

Dec 14, 2016 – Verified Patient I called the office on my 17year wedding anniversary, to set up a appointment for a consultation. I brought my husband with me to the appointment. After my consultation, my husband said I like Dr. Vasquez I believe he will take good care of you. After pushing my date back a couple of times, I set a date. The day of surgery I was very scared until Dr Vasquez came in the room. Dr Vasquez explained everything to me and made sure I was comfortable. Im 3 months out now and Im extremely blessed that I finally had my Tummy Tuck. Its been 30 years since I was able to see my toes standing straight. Every time I see Dr Vasquez I restrain myself from giving him a big hug. Thank you Dr. Vasquez to you and your staff.

Dec 05, 2016 – C.T. Dr. Vasquez is an amazing surgeon. He really takes time to get to know the patient, their needs and find a solution to the problem. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgery!

October 20, 2016 – L.S. I had the vampire facial done here by the aesthetician Aimee. She was wonderful and very accommodating. My skin looks awesome.

September 08, 2016 – L.F. Great staff – and GREAT options. I had the best facial with Amy I have ever had – and I am picky. lol. I will make this my go to spot.

June 21, 2015 – A.B. He was my first and only experience with plastic surgery, and I am SO happy that I chose him. This was 8years ago, and I can confidently say that my breast augmentation was the best decision I ever made for my own self esteem. Besides that, I’ve had ZERO complications, they look even BETTER and more natural as I age (and have had three babies since the procedure, and they look WAY better than most post-partum Mommies!), and I even fell once randomly on ice 5years after the surgery and he saw me no cost, no problem, just to be sure all was well.

September 19, 2014 – Jenn Q., San FranciscoI happened to be in Westport for work and desperately needed someone to fix a botched botox job I had received earlier. While in the waiting area I happened to meet two clients who had cosmetic procedures with him. These patients seemed so pleased with his technique, results and the care that they received from the staff, I knew I had found a gem in Fairfield.

Dr. Vasquez is the best! He was so patient and really listened to my concerns. I love my results — no “spock eye!” The woman (Suzanne, Lisa, and Betsey) made me feel special and even offered me refreshments while I waited. They also got me hooked on MyBody skin care products which I am currently using and loving!

May 31, 2014 2016 – Lisa S. Finding a surgeon is personal and requires a level of trust beyond most relationships. There are many to choose from in Fairfield County so when I chose Dr Vasquez it was after much research and inquiry. My experience began from the moment I called the office.  The office has such a warm and comforting atmosphere. Dr Vasquez spent so much time answering my questions, and the staff made it seamless to book my surgery and provide the most personalized after-care. Dr Vasquez has such a gentle demeanor, is talented and approachable. I knew that choosing him to perform my surgery was a wise decision.

Breast lift – Great results and process

Dr. Vasquez did my vertical breast lift (no implants) and I am very happy with the results and the way I have been treated throughout the process.I had been unhappy with the appearance of my breasts for a few years; they were saggy and deflated as if I was a lot older. Now I have beautifully shaped breasts that are young and perky – Better than when I was a teenager. I am convinced Dr. Vasquez was the right choice for my procedure because of his interpersonal skills, sense of aesthtics and technical skills.On the interpersonal side, he has a calming demeanor and is always appropriate and respectful. He listened carefully, answered patiently my endless questions and always asked if I had more. I was quite anxious about the operation and I find the doctor balanced me pretty well while never being pushy.Regarding aesthetics, we discussed my goals and options. Dr. Vasquez completely understood what I was going for and made sure I was clear on what the breast lift could and could not achieve (e.g: size, etc.) He also explained the associated risks and that my safety was his number 1 concern.In addition, Dr. Vasquez’s technical skills are superb. He is very thorough and meticulous and gave me a beautiful lift. I went to see the doctor 3 days after the operation and was impressed with my tiny scars (literally, the areola scars were not noticeable when the scabs fell off a couple of weeks later) My breasts felt tight and perky immediately. The only thing that didn’t look as good on day 3 was the breast crease. He explained the crease needed a little bit of time to settle, and it certainly did and quickly.I should also mention Dr. Vasquez always responded to my e-mails promptly and called me after the operation to see how I was doing. Lastly, Deb, Dr. Vasquez’s office manager, made all the administrative aspects of the consultations, operation and follow-ups seamless. She genuinely cared, was comforting and made this process easier.In summary, I am very pleased with the results and the way I have been treated. Dr. Vasquez is an outstanding surgeon and I definitely recommend him.-A.
March 28, 2013Vaser Liposuction: Amazing Doctor! Great Experience! – Southport, CTAs soon as I sat down with Dr. Vasquez I felt myself immediately relax. He is very calming and talks to you in such a gentle manor that I felt very comfortable. When I told him what I wanted he told me all of the pros and cons of both and when I left his office I knew that I wanted to do Vaser because it was the best fit for me, and I was happy with my decision. I also met with three other doctors just to do my research thoroughly, but chose Dr. Vasquez because he was the only one that answered all of my questions honestly, he was the only one that told me exactly what the outcome would be, he was very calming and gentle (which I think is important for a surgeon), and he was the only one that talked to me like a person and not like a patient. You have to go with your gut instincts, and my instincts said Dr. Vasquez was the best choice for me. After choosing Dr. Vasquez, I met him again and told him my only concern was that he might be too conservative for me and that I wanted him to be more aggressive. He asked me what I wanted, actively listened, and then agreed to be more aggressive as long as he kept me safe. I loved that he was willing to do what it takes to make me completely satisfied, yet was more concerned with my safety. That is the kind of person you want to do surgery on you! Of course, he was gentle and calming and helped me put the new wrap on. He didn’t act like he had other appointments waiting, he wasn’t rushing me out the door or asking me to make an appointment. He simply stopped to help me. I do not know a lot of doctors that would take the time to help you out like that. He and this whole experience has changed my life. I’m not longer depressed and starting to feel a lot better. I hope this review helps someone else. It’s hard to know if you picked the right surgery or the right doctor. Remember that it isn’t about what is right, it’s about what is right for you. If you are looking for a good doctor that will be sensitive to your needs and gentle with you when you are on and off the table, Dr. Vasquez is the perfect doctor for you.
This testimonial is long overdue. My son was 3 when our family dog turned on him and mauled his face. As it turns out we were blessed to have Dr. Vasquez on call at Bridgeport Hospital when we came in. It was, to this day, the scariest and most horrific day of our lives. To see your youngest son on an operating table with open wounds and being helpless with what to do. Dr Vasquez’s work was was beautiful as was his demeanor. He very calmly took my arm and told me “This too shall pass”.It was the best therapy my wife and I could have gotten at that moment. Dr. Vazquez and his staff were unbelievable in their devotion and care to my son. After numerous home visits, yes I said home visits, and followup phone calls, I really believe in people and the good in life once again. My son received over 30 stitches in his face that day and after 3 years of recovery Dr. Vasquez’s work is evident. My son’s face is perfect once again. I cannot say enough about the professionalism, expertise, and care that my son and our family received from Dr. Vasquez and his staff. We will forever be grateful. Thank you
-C R and Family
I was exceptionally impressed with Dr. Vasquez in the ER. He was kind, forthright and had the best bedside manner. After working in the healthcare field for approximately 15 years, I found him to be caring, professional and amazing at his job. Unfortunately, I saw him for a dog bite to my face which he stitched up extremely well. I found his manner to be calming (because I certainly wasn’t calm), comforting and soothing. If I ever had cosmetic surgery, he is definitely the man for the job. As far as his skill level, he is off the charts and I am highly impressed with his steady hand at surgery. His staff is second to none and I can’t say anything but good things about him.
-Former Patient
January 26, 2012Working Mom
Dr Vasquez and his staff, Debbie and Lauren, were really the best. Their office is comfortable and pleasant. They were caring and honest and never pushy. They have got the best new skin care line. I just got one of their probiotic peels, and two people complimented my skin in two weeks! I feel that I can trust them all and I have already told all my friends about them. Keep up the great job!
-Former Patient
July 19, 2011Amazing professional!!
spent tons of time getting to know me & really demonstrating his caring for & understanding of what I wanted. Discussed surgical options, shared opinions, and was gracious, compassionate, kind & caring throughout a frightening and stressful period in my life-a consummate professional!
-Former Patient
June 14, 2011Just did my breast augmentation. It boosted my self-esteem so much. He gave me a honest and caring opinion and constantly answered all my questions by email and in person to make sure I was comfortable about going through with it. I couldn’t be happier. He’s the best.
-Former Patient
I went to Dr. Vasquez for a breast augmentation and it was the best decision of my life. Not only did I get the breasts I dreamed of but Dr. Vasquez made me feel 100% comfortable throughout the entire process. From the moment I had my consultation I knew he was perfect for me. I had my surgery 6/14/11 and I could not be any happier with my results. It’s only been a little over a month and they look real and feel great (silicone 400ccs). If you didn’t know me, you would not even know I had surgery. Dr. Vasquez is not only an amazing surgeon but truly showed that he genuinely cared about my well being before and after my surgery. I would recommend him to anyone.-Former Patient
Dr.Vasquez is a wonderful,kind,caring doctor. A friend told me about Dr. Vasquez. Best thing that ever happen to me. Went there thinking there was no hope for me.I was crying in his office and he asked why?? I said there was no hope, but he proved me sooo wrong. He and his staff were fantastic. He gave me a whole new life. I think he is the bomb.Take a tip call him!!!-Former Patient
Dr Vasquez is great!!! He is an artist,kind, gentle, and very good at what he does. Love him-Former Patient
I had non-elective eye surgery and Dr. Vasquez did an outstanding job. He is someone I would go back to for any other type of plastic surgery. After the operation and recovery he gave me a new lease on life. I have never felt better. Thank you Dr. Vasquez-Former Patient
His results are excellent. Can’t even see my daughter’s scar. His staff is so pleasant. I may consider getting something done for myself. I’d recommend him to my family and friends.-Former Patient
Felt like he really cared about me-had wonderful results-office/staff very pleasant experience-available 24/7-Former Patient
One of the most skilled physicians I have met. Spent a lot of time during my consultation. Was always available to me 24/7 during my recovery. My results were awesome and I feel like a normal woman all over again.-Former Patient
He really knew what he was doing…and he cared about the WHOLE me…-Former Patient
Skilled and attentive to my needs. Did a great job!-Former Patient

Good morning Dr. Vasquez, Deb and Lauren,As I compose this email on this rainy morning I hope each of you is well. I wanted to send this note of appreciation to all of you. Deb, from my first visit to the office, your warm and friendly demeanor helped to ease a little of the nerves I felt to just have gone in for a consultation. Every visit since then has been no different, your out-going personality is very welcoming. Lauren, your professionalism and knowledge of the treatments you do came through from our first meeting. The facial treatment you gave me, left my skin feeling soft and supple. There is no doubt I will return for another. Last but definitely not least, Dr. Vasquez. How do I begin to thank you?! It’s two months today since the morning of my surgery and I feel like a different woman. During the consultation, you were readily able to answer every question I had for you and gave me information I hadn’t thought to ask. Your bedside manner made me very comfortable and relaxed the morning of the surgery though I was a nervous wreck initially. In the weeks following the surgery, you were wonderful about returning my calls any time, even when I interrupted your Sunday (sorry) and putting me at ease and reminding me to take things easy when I tried to recoup too quickly. I still have a little way to go before I reach my goal of where I want to be; but choosing to have the surgery and having chosen you as my surgeon has inspired me to keep moving forward because I LOVE my new belly and refuse to ruin all that hard work!Have a wonderful day all!!-Former Patient

Dear Dr. Vasquez,I am writing you to thank you for fulfilling one of my goals, I appreciate the successful surgery you done on my tummy tuck, I no longer have to cover-up with layers of clothing trying to hide all the sagging skin, I can now wear the clothing that I always wanted to wear, my daughter gave you a compliment saying you have to love what you do as a surgeon, because of the outstanding tummy tuck you done on her mom. I want to thank you for your thoughtful and kindliness, I am happy and proudly to show my new beautiful body, you did a fantastic job, and I have already recommend you to family, friends and co-workers, and also I cant forget about your great staff specially Deborah, she made me fill so comfortable every visit and also thank Lauren……once again thank you for a successful surgery…job well done….-E.N.


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