In the case that a patient experiences a complex wound due to infection, large cuts of burns, or more, a scar often occurs. Whether a wound or scar is recent or chronic, Dr. Vasquez can provide you with an expert evaluation and treatment plan that is individualized for you.

What are Complex Wounds and Scars?

Scars are an inevitable result of complex wounds. Complex wounds are wounds that have not healed in more than three months. When these wounds occur, scarring is almost unavoidable. Scars can result from a variety of reasons such as complications from other surgery, infection, poor nutrition, arterial or venous insufficiency, metabolic problems such as diabetes, burns, or improperly treated wounds. Dr. Vasquez can suggest a wide range of treatments from surgical to non-surgical. He provides an individualized and compassionate approach to all patients while drawing on his years of training and experience from highly-rated training programs.

Wounds and soft tissue defects can arise as a result of trauma, hernias, cancer surgery, or complications from other surgeries. Dr. Vasquez’s philosophy is to treat the entire patient and recommend the best treatment strategy for that individual patient.

I thought a lot about going ahead with my procedure and researched endlessly, until I decided on going to Dr. Vasquez. I can only say that he was fantastic and I'm very happy with he results! He was very reassuring throughout the entire process and his staff is great as well. Would highly recommend to anyone and will spread the word!

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His scope of treatment regarding these complex injuries includes:

  • acute trauma and laceration
  • burn wounds (fire or heat, mechanical, chemical, electrical)
  • chronic or long-standing wounds
  • pressure sores
  • scar contractures causing restriction of function or deformities
  • large or complex wounds
  • defects as a result of cancer
  • complications from surgery or other wounds
  • painful or unsightly scars

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If you or a loved one has experienced a complex wound or has subsequent scarring, Dr. Vasquez can help to treat the scarring so you can feel confident in your skin again. Patients in the Bridgeport, New Haven, Fairfield, Stamford, and surrounding areas can contact Connecticut Plastic Surgery Group today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vasquez today.


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