Although fractures to the facial skeleton have decreased in the last two decades due to the advent of air bags in motor vehicles, these complex injuries still require specialized expertise with an attention to cosmesis and hiding scars. These injuries are also the result of sports injuries, falls, bicycle or motorcycle accidents, assault, or work-related injuries.

From day 1 I felt comfortable with Dr Vasquez. He was patient, kind and you can tell not only is he passionate about what he does but he truly care what the patient wants and listens. He showed me 3D imaging and went over everything. His office is clean and his staff are very friendly.

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While preserving function and restoring the bony skeleton, Dr. Vasquez treats these injuries with a concern for safety and minimizing complications. Dr. Vasquez welcomes new patients with these injuries:

  • nasal fractures
  • frontal sinus injuries (fractures of the forehead)
  • fractures of the orbit (bones surrounding the eyes)
  • ZOMC (zygomatico-orbito-maxillary complex) fractures (fractures surrounding the eyes and cheek bones)
  • maxillary fractures
  • combinations of the above

Please call Dr. Vasquez’s office 24 hours a day or 7 days a week for an urgent consultation at the hospital or as an outpatient as necessary. He will also assist in obtaining other specialty consultations as needed such as opthalmology, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, oral surgery, nutrition services, diagnostic or interventional radiology as needed.


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