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What Makes the Ideal Implant Different? 3 Reasons to Choose this Sophisticated Implant

Published on Jun 22, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

When it comes to choosing the type of breast implants for your augmentation, silicone vs saline is the usual debate. Both have very important benefits and drawbacks that must be considered, but what if you didn’t have to compromise? The IDEAL implant offers three unique benefits that aren’t found together in any other implant type!


Your Breast Implant Options & How to Choose the Breast Implant for You

Published on Jun 22, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

After opting for a breast augmentation to increase the size of your breasts, you’ll be faced with a number of decisions regarding your implants. Breast implants are becoming more and more customizable with innovative techniques and materials continuing to enter the market. So, before choosing your implant type, make sure you’ve weighed all of your


What Makes the Ideal Implant® Different?

Published on Jun 18, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

The Ideal Implant is the latest in implant technology. Women no longer have to compromise when it comes to the safety or satisfactory results of their breast augmentation. With the Ideal Implant, you can find the safety of saline material with a natural looking and feeling structure! Let’s take a look at what sets the


The Ideal Implant® is the Ideal Choice for You!

Published on May 20, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

After opting for a breast augmentation, you will be faced with a number of decisions that will affect the outcome of your results. one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is the material and design of your implants. Saline and silicone are the two main types of implants, offering their own unique benefits and drawbacks,


The Medical Benefits of a Postpartum Tummy Tuck

Published on Apr 26, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

Postpartum tummy tuck benefits connecticut plastic surgery group tito vasquez

Aside from the great results of a tummy tuck that can improve the body’s contour and profile, there are some newly-researched medical benefits that have been shown to come along with a tummy tuck procedure. This is because the procedure includes tightening the muscles of the abdomen that can become stretched and ineffective over time


Customizing Your Mommy Makeover

Published on Apr 24, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

connecticut plastic surgery group tito vasquez customizing your mommy makeover

With all the talk about mommy makeover procedures, it might be difficult to pin down what exactly it is and what procedures are included. That’s because every mommy makeover is different! The goal of this procedure is to restore the post-pregnancy body, and it can contain many different procedures in one because every woman’s body


Contour Your Body with UltraShape

Published on Apr 19, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

Body Contouring Options with UltraShape Power Assisted Liposuction at CTPSG and Tito Vasquez

There are many noninvasive options when it comes to body contouring, but UltraShape offers some unique benefits for stubborn fat elimination! Keep reading to find out why you should choose UltraShape for your body contouring treatment. It’s completely safe UltraShape utilizes the power of gentle ultrasound energy. When directed at areas with stubborn fat, the


A Mommy Makeover to get you Summer Ready

Published on Apr 18, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

Mommy Makeover procedure options to get you summer ready in Connecticut with Tito Vasquez

If you’ve had children, you understand the changes it can cause to your body! Pregnancy can result in loose skin in the abdominal area, a loss of breast volume, sagging, and pockets of stubborn fat. If these changes are leaving you feeling self-conscious, you might consider a mommy makeover to get your body back this


Your Options for Kissable Lips

Published on Feb 21, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

Not everyone is lucky enough to have naturally plump lips. This can be because of genetics or loss of volume through aging, where lips can be thin and seem to get lost in the face. Luckily, filler injections can be a great way to restore volume and smooth wrinkles, all with a natural-looking result. With


When to Consider a Surgical Gynecomastia Treatment

Published on Feb 16, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

Having ‘man-boobs’ is a problem that many men face, and it can be embarrassing, detrimental to self-confidence, and the butt of many jokes. Fortunately, surgical and non-surgical treatments exist for treating this condition, called gynecomastia. It can be caused by many things (although much information about this condition is still unknown), like hormones, certain medications,


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