Is the IDEAL Implant Right for Me?

Published on Aug 08, 2018 by Tito Vasquez

Once you’ve decided to have a breast augmentation with implants to enhance your breasts, you’ll be faced with a number of ways to customize your procedure! One of the more important decisions you will make is what type of implant will be used. If you’ve begun your research, you’ve probably come across the saline vs silicone debate. But now there’s another option: The IDEAL implant. Keep reading to discover if it’s right for you.

You want minimal scarring

The IDEAL implant is filled with saline material. Like traditional saline implants, this requires a smaller incision during placement than with silicone implants. Traditional saline implants can even be filled after being placed in the breast pocket. This smaller incision also results in a smaller, less noticeable scar. However, no matter what type of implant you choose, your incision will be well concealed in the natural contours of your breast.

You want a soft, natural feel

Traditional saline implants are essentially bags of water, moving more fluidly than silicone gel which tends to keep its shape. Many women opt for the silicone implant because of the way it mimics the feel and movement of natural breast tissue. By using a multichambered structure, the IDEAL implant allows a softer, more natural feeling saline implant.

You don’t want to worry about a silent rupture

So why choose the IDEAL implant over a traditional silicone implant? Silicone implants come with the risk of a silent rupture. In the rare instance that a rupture occurs, it could go undetected, allowing silicone to leak into the body. Therefor, those who choose silicone must have regular MRI screenings to detect signs of a leakage or rupture. Since the IDEAL implant is filled with saline, you won’t have to worry! Saline can be safely absorbed by the body and the rupture would be immediately noticeable. Along with the reduced risk of rupture, you can also enjoy a reduced risk of capsular contracture and rippling.

Are you convinced that the IDEAL implant is right for you? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Vasquez to make sure and to get started on your breast augmentation customizations.

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