Enlarged male breasts, or gynecomastia, are a very common issue among males causing them to seek evaluation and treatment. Feelings of self-consciousness, anxiety, poor body image, and even anger, are normal and understandable. Rest-assured there is a treatment for this condition.

There are many reasons for the male breasts to become enlarged. They can be enlarged from puberty during your teen years. In most cases, this condition resolves over several years. The male breasts can enlarge from the medications that you take. This may or may not be reversible once you stop these medications. (Only stop medications after consultation with your primary physician.) Most frequently, the male breasts enlarge after weight gain and may not resolve itself if you lose the weight that you have gained. More rarely, the male breast can be enlarged from a tumor or even cancer. Because there are many reasons for the enlarged male breast, only a trained doctor can diagnose your condition. It may involve blood tests or other diagnostic tests to determine the reason for your enlarged breasts. Your primary physician, an endocrinologist, or plastic surgeon can help you make this diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis is made, treatment can be recommended. Oftentimes, stopping or substituting your medication can be adequate treatment. Diet and exercise can also be a recommendation. Lastly, a surgical option exists to permanently treat many instances of gynecomastia. This may involve liposuction, direct excision of breast tissue and fat, or a combination of both. Only your plastic surgeon can give you the best course of treatment for you.

I went to Dr. Vasquez for a breast augmentation and it was the best decision of my life. Not only did I get the breasts I dreamed of but Dr. Vasquez made me feel 100% comfortable throughout the entire process.

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