What is a Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty surgery, commonly known as Tummy Tuck surgery, is a surgical body contouring procedure designed to create a slimmer, firmer midsection. There are many factors that contribute to excess fat and skin around the waistline including:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Age
  • Genetics

Who is a Tummy Tuck Candidate?

For many people who consider Tummy Tuck surgery, no amount of diet or exercise will ever achieve the slim, tight look they desire. Proper diet and exercise are important to the overall health of a patient and, when used in conjunction with the Tummy Tuck procedure, the results can be amazing and long-lasting.

Individuals who are dealing with extra skin on the abdomen, abdominal muscle weakness, or both can often benefit from a tummy tuck. Patients typically choose the tummy tuck when they experience poor abdominal contour due to pregnancy, a dramatic weight loss, or the natural aging process. Candidates should be in good health, be nonsmokers, and be at a stable weight. Those who have a significant amount of intra-abdominal fat may need to slim down before considering this procedure. Candidates should also be finished having children, as future childbirth can negatively impact the results of your tummy tuck. A consultation with Dr. Vasquez can help to determine if this procedure is right for you.

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How is the Tummy Tuck Customized for me?

A  tummy tuck is a customizable procedure, allowing you to choose the technique that is best for your concerns, based on their severity. During a consultation, Dr. Vasquez will examine your skin laxity and recommend one of the following techniques for treatment:

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck can address moderate degrees of sagging in the midsection. This technique is beneficial to those who experience sagging skin only below the belly button. The technique uses a smaller incision, resulting in minimal scarring. The contour above the belly button and the belly button itself will not be addressed during this technique.

Traditional Tummy Tuck

A traditional tummy tuck can address sagging skin and tissue above and below the belly button. During this technique, the belly button can be repositioned to a more natural place on the abdominal.

Extended Tummy Tuck

The extended tummy tuck is reserved to those who want to address excess skin and tissue in the abdomen, extending to the hips, flanks, and back. The belly button is also repositioned during this technique. While this technique requires a larger incision, it offers the most recontouring for patients with severe sagging.

Abdominal Liposuction

A tummy tuck can remove excess skin and tissue along with some stubborn fat, however, if a significant amount of fat is present, Dr. Vasquez might recommend abdominal liposuction as well. Liposuction can help patients achieve optimal recontouring and precise sculpting with their procedure.

How is the Tummy Tuck Procedure Done?

During the procedure, Dr. Vasquez will create a horizontal incision across the lower abdomen, just above the public hairline. This allows the scar to be hidden under bikini bottoms or underwear. The abdominal skin will be lifted, and any underlying weakened abdominal muscles repaired. In some cases, a second incision around the belly button may be required to remove further excess skin. The remaining skin will then be pulled down over the abdomen, and sutures placed. Some patients may also consider a No Drain Tummy Tuck.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

Following tummy tuck surgery, your incisions will be wrapped in dressings or bandages. You may also have tubes placed to collect any excess fluids during recovery. You may also be instructed to wear a compression garment for several weeks of your abdominoplasty recovery to assist the healing process and manage swelling. Patients can expect to take at least a week off work to rest and recover at home. After this time, regular activity can start to be resumed, however, patients should wait several more weeks before resuming exercise and more strenuous activity. It is important to follow Connecticut Plastic Surgeon Dr. Vasquez’s specific post-operative instructions to ensure optimal healing. Following surgery, patients will experience a tighter and more toned midsection.

Tummy Tuck Results

Swelling from tummy tuck can linger for many months after the procedure, obscuring the final results. Once swelling begins to diminish, patients can begin to notice a more toned abdominal area with reduced sagging. The results of a tummy tuck are long lasting, but a large weight gain in the future could affect results. The best way to maintain results is to follow a healthy diet and regular exercise routine to stay at a healthy weight.

Tummy Tuck Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

The cost of your tummy tuck procedure will depend on the techniques being used. Because it is a cosmetic procedure and not typically performed for medical benefits, the procedure is not usually covered by insurance. Dr. Vasquez will go over the cost of your procedure in more detail at the time of your consultation and discuss your payment options.

What is a male tummy tuck?

A male tummy tuck is designed specifically for men who suffer from poor abdominal contour due to excess skin or stubborn fat. During the male tummy tuck, special attention is given to ensure the results are natural-looking, helping men achieve a more masculine appearance. Liposuction is often involved for precise sculpting around the muscles.

What will my tummy tuck scar look like?

Your tummy tuck scar will depend on the type of incision used, however, Dr. Vasquez always does his best to ensure that incisions are placed in well-concealed areas like below the bikini line. Scars will continue to fade with time, but may never diminish completely. If you are considered about scarring after tummy tuck, talk with Dr. Vasquez about scar removal therapy and products you can try to aid in the scar healing process. Once the healing process is complete, some patients choose to use tattoos to camouflage their tummy tuck scars.

How can I avoid seromas after tummy tuck?

Seromas are pockets of clear fluid that form below the skin after surgery. After tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Vasquez will place a drain under the skin to remove these excess fluids and help with the healing process. To help reduce the risk of developing seromas after a tummy tuck, patients should make sure they get plenty of rest, avoid standing upright immediately after the procedure, and wear their compression garment as instructed.

Your Consultation in Fairfield, CT

Before a tummy tuck can be performed, patients must meet with a board certified plastic surgeon to ensure they are a candidate. For more information regarding tummy tuck surgery in Fairfield, CT, contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Vasquez.


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