The No-Drain Tummy Tuck procedure is a relatively new procedure and represents a major advance in plastic surgery and body contouring. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a procedure that restores an abdomen to its pre-pregnancy state. In many cases, Dr. Vasquez can succeed in making your belly flatter and tighter beyond what adequate exercise and dieting alone can accomplish.

From a plastic surgeon’s perspective, extra fluid collection after a tummy tuck, also known as a seroma, continues to be a difficult and challenging problem. Due to the open spaces created underneath the skin during the procedure, this space is prone to extra fluid that prolongs healing and compromises a great outcome and result. The main technique to limit this problem is through the use of drains. From a patient’s perspective, drains are tolerable but often cumbersome and frequently a source of discomfort. Oftentimes, drains become clogged before they are ready to be removed. Virtually all patients are relieved when their drain is eventually removed, which can happen anywhere between several days to weeks after the surgery.

A “no-drain” tummy tuck decreases seroma by physically affixing the skin and soft tissue to the outer layer of the abdominal muscles, called fascia, with multiple sutures. These sutures, also referred to as quilting sutures, effectively obliterate these wide open spaces where fluid collects and provide the ability to do away with drains all together. This technique, called progressive tension suture technique, also improves the scar by minimizing tension and stabilizing the overall tissues. Although this technique can add several minutes of extra operative room time, the benefits of minimizing seroma, speeding up recovery, and increasing patient comfort certainly outweigh this. Furthermore, patients are more mobile and recover more rapidly using this technique.

From day 1 I felt comfortable with Dr Vasquez. He was patient, kind and you can tell not only is he passionate about what he does but he truly care what the patient wants and listens. He showed me 3D imaging and went over everything. His office is clean and his staff are very friendly.

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Dr. Vasquez has offered this procedure to many women and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. They enjoy a quicker recovery and a better overall result. He has skillfully employed this technique and is quickly becoming well known for the progressive tension suture technique or “no-drain tummy tuck” in Fairfield county. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has the requisite experience and training to offer this exciting new procedure to excellent candidates.

When you schedule your initial consultation, Dr. Vasquez will provide you with an honest and compassionate discussion in a relaxed and comfortable environment. His staff will support you through the entire process from start to finish and beyond to ensure the best experience we can offer.
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